Commit f97f2eb4 authored by Lucas Bourneuf's avatar Lucas Bourneuf

improve black theme

parent ac7e00f9
{ {
"ASP": "\nobj_property(edge,color,white).\nobj_property(edge,fontcolor,white).\nobj_property(graph,bgcolor,black).\n", "ASP": "\nobj_property(edge,color,white).\nobj_property(edge,fontcolor,white).\nobj_property(graph,bgcolor,black).\nobj_property(node,color,white).\nobj_property(node,fontcolor,white).",
"description": "Draw with a black background", "description": "Draw with a black background",
"name": "black theme", "name": "black theme",
"tags": ["theme"], "tags": ["theme"],
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