Commit 8b938614 authored by Aluriak's avatar Aluriak

more doc

parent f56ee0f8
......@@ -136,8 +136,8 @@ def solve_context(context:str, *, nb_model:int=0) -> clyngor.Answers:
return clyngor.solve(inline=context, nb_model=nb_model, options='--project').by_predicate.careful_parsing.int_not_parsed
def call_script(script, context:str, verbosity:int=0):
"""Uniformized call to a Script object"""
def call_script(script, context:str, verbosity:int=0) -> str:
"""Uniformized call to a Script object ; return the new context"""
if script.input_mode is str:
input_data = context
else: # need a solving
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