Commit 1e920797 authored by Lucas Bourneuf's avatar Lucas Bourneuf

handle run_on function returning nothing

parent 62cf0b90
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ def call_script(script, context:str, verbosity:int=0):
assert script.input_mode is iter
input_data = solve_context(context)
if verbosity >= 2: print('RUN run_on… ', end='', flush=True)
new_context = utils.join_on_genstr(script._run_on)(input_data, **script.options_values)
new_context = utils.join_on_genstr(script._run_on)(input_data, **script.options_values) or ''
if verbosity >= 2: print('OK!')
if verbosity >= 3: print('NEW CONTEXT:', new_context)
if context: context += '\n'
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