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Commit 234f385d authored by Juan Diego Gonzales Zuniga's avatar Juan Diego Gonzales Zuniga
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Update entrypoint

parent 30e34b87
...@@ -8,31 +8,31 @@ models=/root/openvino_models ...@@ -8,31 +8,31 @@ models=/root/openvino_models
echo "Benchmarking starts now!" echo "Benchmarking starts now!"
lscpu lscpu
echo "Inception V3" echo "Testing: Inception V3"
$benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/googlenet-v3/$datatype/googlenet-v3.xml $benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/googlenet-v3/$datatype/googlenet-v3.xml
echo "Inception V4" echo "Testing: Inception V4"
$benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/googlenet-v4-tf/$datatype/googlenet-v4-tf.xml $benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/googlenet-v4-tf/$datatype/googlenet-v4-tf.xml
echo "VGG16" echo "Testing: VGG16"
$benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/vgg16/$datatype/vgg16.xml $benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/vgg16/$datatype/vgg16.xml
echo "VGG19" echo "Testing: VGG19"
$benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/vgg19/$datatype/vgg19.xml $benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/vgg19/$datatype/vgg19.xml
echo "Resnet 50" echo "Testing: Resnet 50"
$benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/resnet-50-tf/$datatype/resnet-50-tf.xml $benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/resnet-50-tf/$datatype/resnet-50-tf.xml
echo "Efficientnet B0" echo "Testing: Efficientnet B0"
$benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/efficientnet-b0-pytorch/$datatype/efficientnet-b0-pytorch.xml $benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/efficientnet-b0-pytorch/$datatype/efficientnet-b0-pytorch.xml
echo "Efficientnet B5" echo "Testing: Efficientnet B5"
$benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/efficientnet-b5-pytorch/$datatype/efficientnet-b5-pytorch.xml $benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/efficientnet-b5-pytorch/$datatype/efficientnet-b5-pytorch.xml
echo "Efficientnet B7" echo "Testing: Efficientnet B7"
$benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/efficientnet-b7-pytorch/$datatype/efficientnet-b7-pytorch.xml $benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/efficientnet-b7-pytorch/$datatype/efficientnet-b7-pytorch.xml
echo "I3D" echo "Testing: I3D"
$benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/i3d-rgb-tf/$datatype/i3d-rgb-tf.xml $benchmark -d $device -api $api -pc -m $models/public/i3d-rgb-tf/$datatype/i3d-rgb-tf.xml
echo "Benchmarking done!" echo "Benchmarking done!"
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