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## Introduction
Docker image compatible with Ubunt 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04 and this version is tested with Fedora 33.
Docker image compatible with Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04 and Fedora(tested with 33 but should work with others).
## Instructions
Since Openvino releases are quite frequent (2021.R1 now), I choose to make the dockerfile public instead of the Docker images.
You may want to experiment with other tgz OpenVINO versions.
We have 5 images
phase1 -- installs the Openvino SDK, launches a small benchmark. This is now done from Docker Hub, since Intel provides better dependencies.
phase2 -- downloads various dl models
phase2 -- downloads various dl models and converts them.
demo -- reduces space, adds script to run examples for Kontron
benchmark -- adds different traditional networks (vgg, resnet, inception)
benchmark -- adds different traditional networks (vgg, resnet, inception) for benchmarking.
debug -- adds debugging tools to the image to use with open_model_zoo repo
You need to build phase1 first then phase2, demo, benchmark and at last debug
bash buildcmd
Under the demo folder, modify the scripts to run the desired examples
bash tracker
bash openpose
In order to run the benchmark
### Launch benchmark
In order to build benchmark and launch it, you need at least phase1.
Modify runcmd depending on CPU/MYRIAD/GPU
cd benchmark
bash rumcmd
bash buildcmd
bash runcmd
Any help/advice is appreciated at
### Demo
In order to launch a demo, you need phase1 and phase2.
cd demo
bash buildcmd
bash tracker | face | ssd | yolo | humanpose3d
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