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......@@ -2826,8 +2826,8 @@ value build_mas_aa_no_root stem entry =
; decline Acc "aam"
; decline Ins "aa"
; decline Dat "ai"
; decline Abl "as"
; decline Gen "as"
; decline Abl "aas"
; decline Gen "aas"
; decline Loc "e"
; (Dual,
......@@ -3095,6 +3095,7 @@ value redup_perf root =
[ [ c' ] when consonant c' ->
(revaffix [ 10 (* e *); c ] w,True,True)
(* roots of form c.a.c' with c,c' consonant or .m Scharf *)
(* cf. Pan{6,4,119-126 *)
(* ZZ may lead to hiatus *)
| _ -> (glue revw,False,False)
......@@ -30,14 +30,14 @@ Heritage Engine tools.">
The Sanskrit Heritage website, at URL
<a href="http://sanskrit.inria.fr"><strong>sanskrit.inria.fr</strong></a>,
provides tools for the processing of the Sanskrit language.
provides tools for the computer processing of Sanskrit.
This site offers public access to various Web services and Sanskrit lexicons
since 2003. It offers dictionary search, declension/conjugation, stemming,
and segmentation/tagging/parsing of Sanskrit sentences.
The site started as a set of tools to exploit a digital version of the
Sanskrit Heritage Dictionary, which had been developped as a personal
independent project by G&eacute;rard Huet since 1996 as a
independent project by Gérard Huet since 1996 as a
Sanskrit-French dictionary intended as a small encyclopedia of Indian culture.
These tools use the finite-state methods implemented in the ZEN
Objective Caml library to provide efficient lexicon representation,
......@@ -262,8 +262,8 @@ Please visit the <a href="xml.html">Sanskrit linguistic resources page</a>.
The Sanskrit Heritage Dictionary is the latest edition of a Sanskrit
to French Dictionary
"Dictionnaire Français de l'H&eacute;ritage Sanskrit" compiled by
G&eacute;rard Huet since 1994. This dictionary is freely available
"Dictionnaire Français de l'Héritage Sanskrit" compiled by
Gérard Huet since 1994. This dictionary is freely available
as a 945 pages <a href="Heritage.pdf">book</a> under the pdf format,
easily readable with Acrobat Reader, a free Adobe product.
This dictionary is still under development, and is