Commit 39268af1 authored by Gérard Huet's avatar Gérard Huet

Revision ocaml/camlp4

parent 4fc0cb46
......@@ -21,11 +21,10 @@ If OCaml has been installed through the OPAM package manager, then:
should do the job. Alternatively, see
for download and installation instructions. You may have to install
the auxiliary package ocamlbuild.
the auxiliary package Ocamlbuild.
Beware: camlp4 is not updated at every Ocaml distribution, so you may have
to settle for a somewhat ancient version of Ocaml, such as 4.02.2, which is
the one I use myself.
to settle for not the most recent version of Ocaml.
1) Install the Heritage_resources package:
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