Commit e7c12034 authored by Gérard Huet's avatar Gérard Huet
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Dependency with zen_lexer fixed

parent a0fa1f3e
......@@ -74,7 +74,8 @@ int_sandhi.cmi ../ZEN/deco.cmx ../ZEN/zen_lexer.cmx
inflected.cmo : ../ZEN/word.cmo skt_morph.cmi phonetics.cmo naming.cmo \
morphology.cmi ../ZEN/lexmap.cmo encode.cmo ../ZEN/deco.cmo inflected.cmi
inflected.cmx : ../ZEN/word.cmx skt_morph.cmi phonetics.cmx naming.cmx \
morphology.cmi ../ZEN/lexmap.cmx encode.cmx ../ZEN/deco.cmx inflected.cmi
morphology.cmi ../ZEN/lexmap.cmx encode.cmx ../ZEN/deco.cmx inflected.cmi \
sandhi.cmo : ../ZEN/word.cmo phonetics.cmo ../ZEN/list2.cmo encode.cmo \
sandhi.cmx : ../ZEN/word.cmx phonetics.cmx ../ZEN/list2.cmx encode.cmx \
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