Commit 7b63a4d3 authored by Gérard Huet's avatar Gérard Huet

Makefile fix

parent c9aff367
......@@ -80,10 +80,10 @@ padapatha.cmx sanskrit.cmx order.cmx
ANNOTFLAGS = -annot -bin-annot
COMPILE=ocamlopt -pp "camlp4r pa_extend.cmo" -I $(ZEN) -I +camlp4 -c \
COMPILE=ocamlopt -pp "camlp4rf" -I $(ZEN) -I +camlp4 -c \
COMPILEI=ocamlc -pp "camlp4r pa_extend.cmo" -I $(ZEN) -I +camlp4 -c \
COMPILEI=ocamlc -pp "camlp4rf" -I $(ZEN) -I +camlp4 -c \
LINK=ocamlopt -I $(ZEN) -I +camlp4 dynlink.cmxa camlp4lib.cmxa
......@@ -27,13 +27,13 @@ Then install package Ocamlbuild from
for instance OCamlbuild 0.12.0:
make configure
make install
sudo make install
Then install Camlp4 from GitHub, in the 4.07 branch, available from; take for instance 4.07+1.
This should be installed by:
make all
make all # beware: not just make
sudo make install
The following instructions assume installation under some version of the
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