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For instance, with \verb:english.lst: storing a list of 173528 English
words, as a text file of size 2Mb, the command
\verb:make_lex < english.lst > english.rem:
produces a trie representation as a file of 4.5Mb. Obviously
we are wasting storage because we create a huge structure which shares
the words along with their common initial prefixes, but which ignores the
potential space saving of sharing common suffixes. We shall develop
such sharing in a completely generic manner, as follows. 


Sharing data representation is a very general problem. 
Sharing identical representations is ultimately the responsibility of
the runtime system, which allocates and desallocates data with dynamic memory
management processes such as garbage collectors. 

But sharing of representations of the same type may also be programmed by 
bottom-up computation. All that is needed is a memo function building the 
corresponding map without duplications.
Let us show the generic algorithm, as an ML {\sl functor}.

% Note: no use of pointer equality (\verb:==: in ML). 

\subsection{The Share functor}

This functor (that is, parametric module) takes as parameter an algebra
with its domain seen here as an abstract type. Here is its public interface