Commit e217c956 authored by Jens Gustedt's avatar Jens Gustedt
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avoid double evaluation of a macro argument

parent c08faeb6
......@@ -63,7 +63,9 @@ void p99_count_destroy(p99_count* p00_c) {
** of a dependent block or statement.
#define P99_ACCOUNT(COUNT) P99_PROTECTED_BLOCK(p99_count_inc(&COUNT), p99_count_dec(&COUNT))
#define P99_ACCOUNT(COUNT) \
P00_BLK_DECL(p99_count*, p00Mcount, &(COUNT)) \
P99_PROTECTED_BLOCK(p99_count_inc(p00Mcount), p99_count_dec(p00Mcount))
** @brief increment the counter @a counter atomically by @a p00_hm.
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