Commit b75549fb authored by Jens Gustedt's avatar Jens Gustedt
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include file missing when tests are performed from the tarball and not

from git, 2nd take

Reported by Andreas Hohenegger <>
parent 53d33a26
DIRS = ./p99 ./tests
P99_SOURCES = ./p99/*.h ./p99/p99_special.c ./tests/test-p99*.c
P99_SOURCES = ./p99/*.h ./p99/p99_special.c ./tests/test-p99*.c tests/test-p99-*.h
P99_DOXY = ./doxy/p99-doxygen
# The first commit after the first release
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ commits : p99/*.h tests/test-p99-*.c tests/test-p99-*.h Makefile
sort -u -r .commits | sed -n 's/.* //; /CUTCUTCUT/q; p' > commits
@rm .commits
all-commits : p99/*.h tests/test-p99-*.c Makefile Doxyfile-p99 gforge-p99/* scripts/* doxy/*
all-commits : p99/*.h tests/test-p99-*.c tests/test-p99-*.h Makefile Doxyfile-p99 gforge-p99/* scripts/* doxy/*
# insert a line for the first release commit such that we can cut off, later
echo > .commits
# collect the blobs for all source files
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