Commit 70a1e521 authored by Jens Gustedt's avatar Jens Gustedt
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work around glibc' bogus strerror_r function

parent 9c299c4c
......@@ -105,8 +105,16 @@ size_t strerrorlen_s(errno_t p00_errnum) {
#if (_XOPEN_SOURCE >= 600)
int p00_strerror(int p00_errname, size_t p00_maxsize, char p00_s[p00_maxsize]) {
/* This "feature" test macro for the bogus glibc version seems to be
the only possible. We get in trouble if we compile the library
against glibc, and then run the executable with another libc that
is POSIX compliant. All of a sudden we have an ABI breakage. We
try to get away with it by re-interpreting the return value as
integer. If it is small we suppose that we had an ABI breakage,
and return that small integer value. */
# if _GNU_SOURCE && __GLIBC__
char * p00_ret = strerror_r(p00_errname, p00_s, p00_maxsize);
if ((uintptr_t)p00_ret < 2048) return (intptr_t)p00_ret;
if (p00_ret != p00_s) {
if (strlen(p00_ret) < p00_maxsize) {
strcpy(p00_s, p00_ret);
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