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- mkdir .public
- cp -r gforge-p99/* .public
- cp -r gforge-p99/.htaccess .public
- cp -r p99-html .public
- mv .public/README.html .public/index.html
- mv .public/HEADER.html .public/index.html
- mv .public public
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<h1>P99 - Preprocessor macros and functions for C99</h1>
<p>P99 is a suite of macro and function definitions that ease the
programming in modern C, aka C99. By using new tools from C99 we
programming in modern C. By using new tools from C99 or later we
implement default arguments for functions, scope bound resource
management, transparent allocation and initialization, ...</p>
By using special features of some compilers and operating
systems, we also are able to provide an emulation of a large
part of the new C standard, C11.
part of the C11 standard for compilers that still might not
have them.
<p>P99 heavily depends on a decent support for C99 of
......@@ -71,7 +72,5 @@
<p>If you are new to P99 you might want to have a look at the
first chapters of the <a href="p99-refman.pdf">Reference
Manual</a> or read the <a href="p99-html/">online
<a href="p99-html/">online documentation.</a>
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