Commit 325b026e authored by Simon Peeters's avatar Simon Peeters Committed by Jens Gustedt
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add a macro to capture negative returns that are negated to form an error code

Signed-off-by: default avatarJens Gustedt <>
parent e217c956
......@@ -366,6 +366,46 @@ p00_throw_call_neg(F(__VA_ARGS__), E, p00_unwind_top, P99_STRINGIFY(__LINE__), _
#define P99_THROW_CALL_NEG(F, E, ...) P00_THROW_CALL_NEG(F, E, __VA_ARGS__)
int p00_throw_call_negate(int p00_neg,
errno_t p00_def,
p00_jmp_buf0 * p00_top,
char const* p00_file,
char const* p00_context,
char const* p00_info) {
if (P99_UNLIKELY(p00_neg < 0)) p00_jmp_throw(-p00_neg, p00_top, p00_file, p00_context, p00_info);
return p00_neg;
#define P00_THROW_CALL_NEGATE(F, E, ...) \
p00_throw_call_negate(F(__VA_ARGS__), E, p00_unwind_top, P99_STRINGIFY(__LINE__), __func__, #F ", neg return")
** @brief Wrap a function call to @a F such that it throws an error
** on negative return.
** A common strategy of libraries and also the Linux kernel is to
** return an @c int and signal an error with a negative value. The
** error code is then the negation of that return value. This wrapper
** makes this transparent such that it ensures that the error code is
** always checked, and if an error occurs the negated value is
** thrown.
** @return the value of the call to the function if that was
** successful. Never returns if it wasn't.
** @see P99_THROW_CALL_NEG for a similar macro that also checks if
** the return value is negative but that returns the value of @c
** errno, instead.
** @see P99_THROW_CALL_ZERO for a similar macro that checks if the
** return value is @c 0
** @see P99_THROW_CALL_VOIDP for a similar macro that checks a
** pointer return value
void* p00_throw_call_voidp(void* p00_p,
errno_t p00_def,
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