Commit 27d95317 authored by Jens Gustedt's avatar Jens Gustedt
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include file missing when tests are performed from the tarball and not

from git

Reported by Andreas Hohenegger <>
parent 16dbcc7a
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ ${P99_VERSIONS} :
p99/ChangeLog : commits Makefile
git show -C -M --find-copies-harder --name-only `cat commits` | grep -vi orwl > $@
commits : p99/*.h tests/test-p99-*.c Makefile
commits : p99/*.h tests/test-p99-*.c tests/test-p99-*.h Makefile
# insert a line for the first release commit such that we can cut off, later
git log --pretty=format:"%at CUTCUTCUT%n" ${REL1}^..${REL1} > .commits
# collect the blobs for all source files
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