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title: HPC goodies in Guix 0.14.0
author: Ludovic Courtès
date: 2017-12-08 14:15
slug: hpc-goodies-in-guix-0-14-0
tags: packages, releases
Version 0.14.0 of Guix was [announced
In this post we look at the many goodies that made it into Guix during
this release cycle.
Over the 1,200+ packages added since the 0.13.0 release are many
noteworthy HPC additions.
Dave Love of the University of Manchester made a number of contributions
on the *high-performance networking* side:
- Dave added
added [PSM]( support
- [Open MPI](
gained support for
libfabric, and PSM.
- The [Intel MPI
are now available as a package.
- The size of the closure of the `openmpi` package with all its
dependencies was [significantly
reduced]( This
is particularly appreciable if you’re [building application bundles
with `guix
The collection of *HPC profiling tools* has grown:
- [PAPI](;
- [Score-P](;
- [otf2](;
- [OPARI2](;
- [CUBE](
*Linear algebra* packages have seen some changes:
- [LAPACK]( was
upgraded to 3.7.1, though 3.5.0 has been kept around for packages
that are not ready for the latest API.
- [Scotch]( is now
built in 64-bit mode on 64-bit machines, and the new
package provides a 32-bit version for applications that need it.
- [BLIS]( has been
added. Since it [does not support instruction set selection at
run-time yet](, we created
several packages specialized for each ISA extension:
is the variant optimized for Haswell CPUs,
[`blis-knl`]( is
the KNL variant, and so on. This is simplified by the
implementation of a [high-level `make-blis` function that returns
As far as *numerical simulation* is concerned:
- The [OpenFOAM](
C++ computational fluid dynamics package was contributed by Paul
Garlick of Tourbillion Technology.
There’s been a lot of activity in *bioinformatics*, leading to a total
of almost 300 bioinformatics packages, notably with the addition of the
following packages:
- [f-seq](;
- [GEMMA](;
- [GESS](;
- [Kallisto](;
- [kentutils](;
- [Ritornello](;
- many, many R packages (428 R package are available today).
Changes to *core Guix* relevant to HPC include:
- `guix-daemon` gained the `--listen` command-line option that [we
and which is handy when installing Guix cluster-wide.
- The new [`guix import
command provides a smooth way for newcomers to get started writing
new package definitions.
- aarch64 portability fixes were contributed by Eric Bavier of Cray,
Enjoy the new release!
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