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title: HPC goodies in Guix 0.15.0
author: Ludovic Courtès
date: 2017-07-06 16:00
slug: hpc-goodies-in-guix-0-15-0
tags: packages, releases
Version 0.15.0 of Guix was [released
As usual, it brings packages and features that we hope HPC users and
sysadmins will enjoy.
Over the 1,200+ packages added and 2,200+ packages updated since the
0.14.0 release, there are many noteworthy HPC additions.
- [Open MPI]( has
been updated to 3.0.1. It now comes with plugins for Intel
OmniPath and Intel TrueScale _via_ the
[PSM2]( and
[PSM]( packages.
- [hwloc]( 2.0 is now
available alongside the 1.x series, which some applications such as
[Slurm]( still
- [fftw]( was upgraded
to 3.3.7. It is now built [with support for SIMD
selected at run-time, which addressed performance concerns we
[discussed a while
- [superlu-dist](
was upgraded to 5.3.0.
- The [libpfm4](
performance monitoring library was added.
- [Spindle](, a
tool to improve the performance of dynamic library and Python module
loading on HPC clusters, as well as the companion
tool are now available, thanks to Pierre-Antoine Rouby who is
currently working as an [intern at
- OpenCL headers,
[POCL](, and
[Beignet]( were
contributed by “Fis Trivial”, without support for the lock-in NVIDIA
devices, but with support for modern Intel CPUs and GPUs.
- Other noteworthy changes include the addition of
and [QD](, as well as
upgrades to
[CERES]( and
[Eigen](, thanks to
Eric Bavier of Cray, Inc.
There have been many changes among the several hundreds of
*bioinformatics* and statistics packages available in Guix and we won’t
list them here. As part of the [work on reproducible bioinformatics
Ricardo Wurmus of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine
contributed lots of fixes enabling bit-reproducible builds of packages,
in particular Python and R packages.
Changes to *core Guix* relevant to HPC include:
- The `guix pack` command can now produce [relocatable
The technique relies on _user namespaces_ so it’s unfortunately [not
directly usable on some
Nevertheless, it’s a simple and powerful way to distribute
applications for use on non-Guix systems.
- `guix pack` can now produce application bundles in the form of
SquashFS images, thanks to Ricardo Wurmus. These can in turn be
executed by [Singularity](, a lightweight
“container engine” that specifically targets HPC usage.
- The [`guix pull`
which upgrades Guix and its package collection, now supports
rollbacks (like `guix package`) and it has a new
`--list-generations` option to visualize past upgrades. This is
probably a great user interface improvement to scientists who care
about being able to reproduce and compare their software
- `guix-daemon` will now reject attempts to run `guix gc` from a
remote node. This is done such that, on [cluster
garbage collection can only be triggered from the master node, which
is typically only accessible to sysadmins. This was contributed by
Roel Janssen of the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center.
- Roel Janssen’s
the web interface to browse packages that you can see [on this
site](, is now available
[as a Guix system
thanks to the work of Pierre-Antoine Rouby at Inria.
That’s it for the HPC side of things. Do not miss the [release
to learn about the other goodies that the release brings.
Enjoy the new release!
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