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activity-report-2018: Mention CWL blog post.

* posts/ (Reproducible Pipelines): Add
paragraph on using Guix with legacy workflows.
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......@@ -115,6 +115,19 @@ workflow systems allow the authors to declare a process to be
dependent on software provided in a Docker application bundle, which
is convenient but ignores the problem of software provenance.
As demonstrated by Pjotr Prins in a [blog
GNU Guix can be used to build reproducible software environments
incrementally or declaratively to prepare the context in which an
existing Common Workflow Language (CWL) workflow is to be executed.
Compared to the use of Docker containers this unlocks software
provenance and source/binary transparency while only requiring minor
modifications to existing workflow definitions. While the burden of
preparing the environment still lies with the user, this approach
allows for a smooth transition to more reproducible workflows as Guix
environments can be transparently described with a plain text
The genomics pipelines presented in the paper [_PiGx: Reproducible
Genomics Analysis Pipelines with
GNU Guix_]( are an example
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