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......@@ -245,10 +245,17 @@ site]( Hpcguix-web is
customizable and the instance running in Utrecht provides users with
additional information such as how to use the batch scheduler.
# Outreach and user support
# Outreach and User Support
![Containers are like smoothies.](
One aspect of our work on Guix-HPC is to “spread the word” about the
importance of being able not just to replicate software environments,
but also to inspect and modified those software environments. These are
key to proper scientific understanding and experimentation. This
section summarizes articles we published and talks we gave around these
## Articles
Since the inception of Guix-HPC, two scientific articles were published
......@@ -274,9 +281,11 @@ Reproducibility_](
compares existing tools to achieve software environment reproducibility:
application bundles (also referred to as “containers”), CONDA, and Guix.
We have published [11 articles on this
We have published [12 articles on this
blog]( touching a range of
technical topics.
technical topics: running Guix without being root, on the performance of
pre-built binaries, creating reproducible workflows with CWL or PiGx,
and more.
In September 2017, Inria, the MDC, and the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center
[published an
......@@ -319,7 +328,7 @@ Since Guix-HPC was started, we gave talks at a number of venues:
Feb. 2019](
(Ludovic Courtès)
## Training sessions
## Training Sessions
We’ve organized a number of Guix training sessions for HPC, in
particular at Inria (March and October 2018), at the MDC (October 2018),
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