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getting-started: Update Guix-less section.

* (Sending Packages to Guix-less Machines): Show
'guix pack -RR' and mention Singularity and Docker.
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......@@ -179,17 +179,21 @@ You can have your own package collection published as a
What if the target supercomputer lacks Guix? You can still enjoy Guix’s
reproducibility and customizability by [sending your package binaries
there](/blog/2017/10/using-guix-without-being-root/), leveraging
laptop$ scp `guix pack hwloc -S /bin=bin` supercomputer:hwloc.tar.gz
laptop$ scp `guix build proot-static`/bin/proot supercomputer:
laptop$ scp `guix pack -RR hwloc -S /bin=bin` supercomputer:hwloc.tar.gz
supercomputer$ mkdir -p ~/.local
supercomputer$ (cd ~/.local; tar xf ~/hwloc.tar.gz)
supercomputer$ ./proot -r ~/.local -b /proc /bin/lstopo
supercomputer$ ./bin/lstopo
Other options include building [Singularity or Docker
# Learning More
Find the main commands in the [quick reference
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