Commit ebdf5cf3 authored by Ludovic Courtès's avatar Ludovic Courtès

browse: Remove references to "guixr".

* browse/www/pages/package.scm (page-package): Remove references to
"guixr".  Add "More information" section.
parent f33de41d
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ vocabulary."
(td (@ (style "width: 150pt")) (strong "Installation command"))
(td (pre (code (@ (class "bash"))
(string-append "guixr package -i "
(string-append "guix package -i "
,name ,(if (> (length packages) 1)
"@" (package-version instance)) ""))))))
......@@ -112,38 +112,11 @@ vocabulary."
"to find the programs in your profile. This is what we do when we "
"“load a profile”.")
(h2 "Using the package: Loading a profile")
(h2 "More information")
(p "Please refer to "
(a (@ (href
"the manual")
" for more information."))
(p "To load your profile, run the following command: ")
(pre (code (@ (class "bash")) "guixr load-profile ~/.guix-profile"))
(p "You can go back to the state before loading the profile by running:")
(pre (code (@ (class "bash")) "exit"))
(p "If you used a non-default profile, append the filesystem path to "
"the command, like so:")
(pre (code (@ (class "bash")) "guixr load-profile /path/to/profile"))
(p "")
(h2 "When writing a job submission script")
(p "There is one little caveat for writing scripts. In your job "
"submission script, you cannot simply do: ")
(pre (code (@ (class "bash"))
"guixr load-profile /path/to/profile
# Run your programs here.
(p "... because the " (code "load-profile") " subcommand starts a "
"new shell, which waits for you to enter a command. Instead, "
"use the following snippet:")
(pre (code (@ (class "bash"))
"guixr load-profile /path/to/profile -- <<EOF
# Run your programs here.
(p "This will run everything between " (code "EOF") " in the "
"shell that lives in the specified profile environment. Make sure "
"the second " (code "EOF") " is on a new line, without anything "
"else on the same line."))
#:dependencies '(highlight)))))
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