Add theme.

* haunt.scm: Add %hpc-haunt-theme and use it.
parent be68008e
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
(use-modules (haunt site)
(haunt reader)
(haunt reader commonmark)
(haunt post)
(haunt page)
(haunt html)
(haunt utils)
......@@ -17,8 +18,105 @@
(haunt builder atom)
(ice-9 match)
(srfi srfi-1)
(srfi srfi-19)
(define (base-url location)
(string-append "" location))
(define (image-url location)
(string-append "/static/images" location))
(define (css-url location)
(string-append "/static/css" location))
(define (post-url post site)
"Return the URL of POST, a Haunt blog post, for SITE."
(base-url (string-append "" (site-post-slug site post) ".html")))
(define (base-layout body)
`((doctype "html")
(html (@ (lang "en"))
(meta (@ (http-equiv "Content-Type") (content "text/html; charset=utf-8")))
(link (@ (rel "icon")
(type "image/x-icon")
(href ,(image-url "/favicon.png"))))
(link (@ (rel "stylesheet")
(href ,(css-url "/main.css"))
(type "text/css")
(media "screen")))
(title "GuixHPC"))
(div (@ (id "header"))
(div (@ (id "header-inner")
(class "width-control"))
(img (@ (class "logo")
(src ,(image-url "/logo.png"))))))
(div (@ (id "menubar")
(class "width-control"))
(li (a (@ (href "#")) "What"))
(li (a (@ (href "#")) "Who"))
(li (a (@ (href "#")) "Where"))
(li (a (@ (href ,(base-url "/news/feed.xml")))
(img (@ (alt "Atom feed")
(src ,(image-url "/feed.png"))))))))
(div (@ (id "content")
(class "width-control"))
(div (@ (id "content-inner"))
(article ,body)))
(div (@ (id "collaboration"))
(div (@ (id "collaboration-inner")
(class "width-control"))
(p "GuixHPC is a collaboration between:")
(div (@ (class "members"))
(li (img (@ (alt "MDC")
(src ,(image-url "/mdc.png")))))
(li (img (@ (alt "Inria")
(src ,(image-url "/inria.png")))))
(li (img (@ (alt "UMC Utrecht")
(src ,(image-url "/umcutrecht.png")))))))))
(div (@ (id "footer-box")
(class "width-control"))
(p "Made with " (span (@ (class "metta")) "♥") " by humans and "
"powered by " (a (@ (href ""))
"GNU Guile") "."))))))
(define* (post->sxml post #:key post-uri)
"Return the SXML for POST."
`(div (@ (class "post"))
(h2 (@ (class "title"))
,(if post-uri
`(a (@ (href ,post-uri))
,(post-ref post 'title))
(post-ref post 'title)))
(div (@ (class "post-about"))
,(post-ref post 'author)
" — " ,(date->string (post-date post) "~B ~e, ~Y"))
(div (@ (class "post-body"))
,(post-sxml post))))
(define (page->sxml site title posts prefix)
"Return the SXML for the news page of SITE, containing POSTS."
`((div (@ (class "header"))
(div (@ (class "post-list"))
,@(map (lambda (post)
(post->sxml post #:post-uri (post-url post site)))
(define %hpc-haunt-theme
;; Theme for the rendering of the news pages.
(theme #:name "GuixHPC"
#:layout (lambda (site title body)
(base-layout body))
#:post-template post->sxml
#:collection-template page->sxml))
(define %local-test?
;; True when we're testing locally, as opposed to producing things to
;; install to
......@@ -27,8 +125,7 @@
(when %local-test?
;; The URLs produced in these pages are only meant for local consumption.
(format #t "~%Producing Web pages for local tests *only*!~%~%")
(current-url-root ""))
(format #t "~%Producing Web pages for local tests *only*!~%~%"))
(site #:title
"Guix HPC — Reproducible software deployment for high-performance computing"
......@@ -38,16 +135,14 @@
(email . ""))
#:readers (list commonmark-reader)
(cons* (blog ;; #:theme %news-haunt-theme
;; #:prefix "news"
(cons* (blog #:theme %hpc-haunt-theme)
;; Apparently the <link> tags of Atom entries must be absolute URLs,
;; hence this #:blog-prefix.
(atom-feed #:file-name "news/feed.xml"
#:blog-prefix "")
;; (static-directory "static")
(static-directory "static")
(map (lambda (page)
(lambda (site posts)
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