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about: Add the GWL talk.

* about.md (Talks & Papers): Add the GWL talk.
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......@@ -23,6 +23,9 @@ The following talks and papers cover our motivation for Guix-HPC:
- [_Optimized and Reproducible HPC Deployment_](https://archive.fosdem.org/2017/schedule/event/hpc_deployment_guix/),
Feb. 2017
- [_Workflow Management with GNU Guix_](https://archive.fosdem.org/2017/schedule/event/guixworkflowmanagement/),
Feb. 2017
- [_Reproducible and User-Controlled Software Environments in HPC with Guix_](https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01161771/en)
paper presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Reproducibility
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