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Environment contents are now displayed by the kernel.

The kernel has access to the manifest, so it can display its actual
contents (including version numbers) upfront, before the environment is

* guix/jupyter/inner-proxy.scm (kernel-info->shtml)
(kernel-info->html): Remove.
(reply-execute-request): Simply reply "Done!".
* guix-jupyter-kernel.scm (manifest->shtml)
(reply-for-environment, create-environment): New procedures.
(reply-execute-request): Call 'create-environment'.
parent 647d5afd
......@@ -105,6 +105,52 @@
;; FIXME: This could be expensive!
(delay (open-default-inferior)))
(define (manifest->shtml manifest name)
"Return SHTML representing the contents of MANIFEST."
(h3 (@ (style "color: green;"))
"Preparing environment " (tt ,name) " with these packages:")
(ul ,@(map (lambda (entry)
`(li (tt ,(manifest-entry-name entry)
" " ,(manifest-entry-version entry))))
(manifest-entries manifest)))))
(define* (reply-for-environment kernel message
#:key name manifest (count 0))
"Send KERNEL a reply to MESSAGE saying that we're preparing environment
(reply-html kernel message
(lambda (port)
(sxml->xml (manifest->shtml manifest name)
(define* (create-environment name specs state
#:key kernel message)
"Spawn a new execution environment called NAME and containing SPECS, a list
of package specifications such as \"guile@2.2\". Send appropriate messages
to KERNEL as a reply to MESSAGE, and return STATE suitably adjusted."
(define manifest
(specifications->manifest (force %inferior) specs))
(format/log "creating new environment ~s~%" name)
;; Reply right away without waiting for the profile to be built.
(reply-for-environment kernel message
#:name name
#:manifest manifest
#:count (proxy-state-execution-count state))
(let* ((store (proxy-state-store state))
(container (run-with-store store
(start-container container-context
name manifest)))
(state (register-proxied name container state)))
(monitor-client container)
(send-message container message)
(increment-execution-count state)))
(define (reply-execute-request kernel kind message state)
(let* ((content (message-content message))
(code (assoc-ref (json-string->scm content) "code"))
......@@ -119,18 +165,9 @@
((_ "environment" name "<-" specs ...)
(match (lookup-proxied name state)
(format/log "spawning container ~s~%" name)
(let* ((manifest (specifications->manifest (force %inferior)
(store (proxy-state-store state))
(container (run-with-store store
(start-container container-context
name manifest)))
(state (register-proxied name container state)))
(monitor-client container)
(pub-idle kernel message)
(send-message container message)
(increment-execution-count state)))
(create-environment name specs state
#:kernel kernel
#:message message))
((? kernel? proxy)
(send-message kernel message)
(increment-execution-count state))))
......@@ -25,7 +25,6 @@
#:use-module (rnrs bytevectors)
#:use-module (gcrypt base16)
#:use-module (ice-9 match)
#:use-module (sxml simple)
#:use-module (jupyter messages)
#:use-module (jupyter kernels)
#:use-module (jupyter servers)
......@@ -134,28 +133,6 @@
("payload" . [])
("user_expressions" . ,empty-object))))))))
(define (kernel-info->shtml code)
(match (and=> (get-magic-line code) string-tokenize)
((_ "environment" name separator specs ...)
(if (string=? separator %magic-separator)
(h3 (@ (style "color: green;"))
"Environment " (tt ,name) " is ready!")
"Packages available in the environment: "
(ul ,@(map (lambda (spec)
`(li (tt ,spec)))
`(div (@ (style "color: red; font-weight: bold;"))
"Invalid separator " (tt ,separator) ".")))
`(h3 (@ (style "color: red;"))
"Invalid magic environment."))))
(define (kernel-info->html code)
(lambda (port)
(sxml->xml (kernel-info->shtml code) port))))
;; Handler.
......@@ -182,7 +159,8 @@ stripped."
((magic-env? code)
(format/log "replying HTML for new environment~%")
(reply-html kernel message (kernel-info->html code) count)
(reply-html kernel message "<p>Done!</p>" count)
(pub-idle kernel message)
(increment-execution-count state))
((magic-run? code)
(local-eval kernel message count)
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