Commit c77ee1ad authored by Ludovic Courtès's avatar Ludovic Courtès
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hmac: Fix incorrect test.

* tests/hmac.scm ("unit: (get-signature empty string)"): Fix incorrect
expected value.
Fix typos.
parent c1549125
......@@ -20,24 +20,24 @@
(test-begin "hmac")
(test-equal "unit: (get-singature empty string)"
(test-equal "unit: (get-signature empty string)"
(get-signature "" ""))
(test-equal "unit: (get-singature foo bar)"
(test-equal "unit: (get-signature foo bar)"
(get-signature "foo" "bar"))
(test-equal "unit: (get-singature ADSILLH inria)"
(test-equal "unit: (get-signature ADSILLH inria)"
(get-signature "ADSILLH" "inria"))
(test-equal "unit: (get-singature Free Software Free Society)"
(test-equal "unit: (get-signature Free Software Free Society)"
(get-signature "Free-Software" "Free-Society"))
;; Example form: <>.
(test-equal "unit: (get-singature wikipedia example)"
;; Example from <>.
(test-equal "unit: (get-signature wikipedia example)"
(get-signature "key" "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"))
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