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Commit beb421ac authored by Ludovic Courtès's avatar Ludovic Courtès
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Don't spawn a default environment upfront.

This ensures we reply to "kernel_info_request" in a timely fashion, and
that we don't spawn a useless environment.  It also allows the user to
not repeat ";;guix run my-env" in subsequent cells since the default
environment is now recorded across cells.

* guix-jupyter-kernel.scm (%default-environment-property): New variable.
(proxy-state-default-environment, set-proxy-state-default-environment):
New procedures.
(create-environment): Call 'set-proxy-state-default-environment'.
(reply-execute-request): Use the environment returned by
'proxy-state-default-environment'.  Print an error as HTML when it's
<top level>: Remove call to 'start-container' for the "default"
parent def14612
......@@ -64,6 +64,19 @@
"Return the <store-connection> associated with STATE."
(proxy-state-property state %store-property))
(define %default-environment-property
;; Key used to access the name of the default environment.
(list 'environment 'property))
(define (proxy-state-default-environment state)
"Return the name of the default execution environment or #f."
(proxy-state-property state %default-environment-property))
(define (set-proxy-state-default-environment state name)
"Use NAME as the default environment."
(set-proxy-state-property state %default-environment-property
;; HTML.
......@@ -149,7 +162,8 @@ to KERNEL as a reply to MESSAGE, and return STATE suitably adjusted."
(state (register-proxied name container state)))
(monitor-client container)
(send-message container message)
(increment-execution-count state)))
(set-proxy-state-default-environment (increment-execution-count state)
(define (reply-execute-request kernel kind message state)
(let* ((content (message-content message))
......@@ -196,13 +210,29 @@ to KERNEL as a reply to MESSAGE, and return STATE suitably adjusted."
((magic-html? code)
(reply-html kernel message (delete-magic code) count)
(increment-execution-count state))
((proxy-state-default-environment state)
(lambda (environment)
(let ((proxied (lookup-proxied environment state)))
(format/log "evaluating code in environment ~s (PID ~s)~%"
environment (kernel-pid proxied))
(send-message proxied message
#:kernel-socket kind)
(increment-execution-count state))))
(let ((proxied (lookup-proxied "default" state)))
(format/log "evaluating code in default container (PID ~s)~%"
(kernel-pid proxied))
(send-message proxied message
#:kernel-socket kind)
(increment-execution-count state)))))
(reply-html kernel message
`(div "You have not selected an execution environment
yet. You can create one by entering a “magic command” in a cell as follows:"
(p (code ";;guix environment my-environment <- \
python-ipython python-ipykernel"))
"You can then select a kernel and hand it code
to execute:"
(p (code
(pre ";;guix kernel my-environment ipython\n"
"2 + 2")))))
(λ error
(reply-html kernel message (error->html error) count)
(increment-execution-count state)))))
......@@ -337,14 +367,8 @@ that container."
(sigaction SIGTERM (exit-handler kernel))
(sigaction SIGINT (exit-handler kernel))
(let* ((sub-kernel (with-store store ;FIXME: not nice
(run-with-store store
(start-container container-context "default"
(manifest '())))))
(state (register-proxied "default" sub-kernel
(proxy-state kernel))))
(with-store store
(serve-kernels (list kernel sub-kernel)
(proxy-request-handler dispatch-route)
(set-proxy-state-property state
%store-property store)))))
(with-store store
(serve-kernels (list kernel)
(proxy-request-handler dispatch-route)
(set-proxy-state-property (proxy-state kernel)
%store-property store))))
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