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Commit b01b7af1 authored by Ludovic Courtès's avatar Ludovic Courtès
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json: Rebase on top of 'define-record-type*'.

* jupyter/json.scm (json, <=>): New variables.
(define-json-reader): Adjust to the new syntax for SPEC.
(define-json-writer): Likewise.
(define-json-mapping): Rebase on top of 'define-record-type*'.  Move
JSON field spec under the 'json' keyword.
* jupyter/kernels.scm (<kernel-specs>, <connection>): Adjust
(find-kernel-specs, allocate-connection): Use new syntactic
parent c824394e
......@@ -16,8 +16,10 @@
(define-module (jupyter json)
#:use-module (json)
#:use-module (srfi srfi-9)
#:export (define-json-mapping))
#:use-module (guix records)
#:export (json
;;; Commentary:
......@@ -25,6 +27,10 @@
;;; Code:
;; Literals.
(define json 'json)
(define <=> '<=>)
(define-syntax-rule (define-json-reader json->record ctor spec ...)
"Define JSON->RECORD as a procedure that converts a JSON representation,
read from a port, string, or hash table, into a record created by CTOR and
......@@ -36,12 +42,15 @@ following SPEC, a series of field specifications."
(json-string->scm input))
((or (null? input) (pair? input))
(let-syntax ((extract-field (syntax-rules ()
((_ table (field key json->value))
(let-syntax ((extract-field (syntax-rules (json)
((_ table (field (json key json->value
_ (... ...))
_ (... ...)))
(json->value (assoc-ref table key)))
((_ table (field key))
((_ table (field (json key)
_ (... ...)))
(assoc-ref table key))
((_ table (field))
((_ table (field _ (... ...)))
(assoc-ref table
(symbol->string 'field))))))
(ctor (extract-field table spec) ...)))))
......@@ -51,15 +60,19 @@ following SPEC, a series of field specifications."
"Define RECORD->JSON as a procedure that returns an alist, the Guile-JSON
representation of the given record."
(define (record->json record)
(let-syntax ((field->alist (syntax-rules ()
((_ field getter)
(cons (symbol->string 'field)
(getter record)))
((_ field getter key _ value->json)
(let-syntax ((field->alist (syntax-rules (json)
((_ field getter
(json key json->value value->json)
_ (... ...))
(cons key
(value->json (getter record))))
((_ field getter key _ (... ...))
((_ field getter
(json key _ (... ...))
_ (... ...))
(cons key
(getter record)))
((_ field getter _ (... ...))
(cons (symbol->string 'field)
(getter record))))))
(list (field->alist field-spec ...) ...))))
......@@ -68,24 +81,36 @@ representation of the given record."
"Define RTD as a record type with the given FIELDs and GETTERs, à la SRFI-9,
and define JSON->RECORD as a conversion from JSON to a record of this type.
Optionally, define RECORD->JSON as the conversion from a record of this type
to its JSON representation (an alist)."
((_ rtd ctor pred json->record <=> record->json
to its JSON representation (an alist).
This is layered on top of 'define-record-type*'. Here's an example:
(define-json-mapping <foo> foo make-foo
json->foo <=> foo->json
(a foo-a (json \"A\" string->number number->string)
(default 2))
(b foo-b))
((_ rtd ctor ctor-proc
pred json->record <=> record->json
(field getter spec ...) ...)
(define-json-mapping rtd ctor pred json->record
(define-json-mapping rtd ctor ctor-proc
pred json->record
(field getter spec ...) ...)
(define-json-writer record->json
(field getter spec ...) ...)))
((_ rtd ctor pred json->record
((_ rtd ctor ctor-proc pred json->record
(field getter spec ...) ...)
(define-record-type rtd
(ctor field ...)
(define-record-type* rtd ctor ctor-proc
(field getter) ...)
(field getter spec ...) ...)
(define-json-reader json->record ctor
(define-json-reader json->record ctor-proc
(field spec ...) ...)))))
(set! (@@ (json builder) json-build)
......@@ -111,11 +111,12 @@
;; Kernel metadata taken from a 'kernel.json' file.
;; <>
(define-json-mapping <kernel-specs>
kernel-specs kernel-specs?
kernel-specs make-kernel-specs kernel-specs?
(arguments kernel-specs-arguments "argv"
(display-name kernel-specs-display-name "display_name")
(arguments kernel-specs-arguments
(json "argv" vector->list))
(display-name kernel-specs-display-name
(json "display_name"))
(language kernel-specs-language))
(define* (kernel name pid #:key key control shell
......@@ -174,9 +175,10 @@ PATH."
(and ipython
(list ipython "kernel" "--quiet" "-f" "{connection_file}")
(arguments (list ipython "kernel" "--quiet"
"-f" "{connection_file}"))
(display-name "IPython")
(language "Python")))))
(let ((file (find-kernel-specs-file kernel)))
(and file (call-with-input-file file json->kernel-specs))))))
......@@ -201,31 +203,23 @@ could not be found."
;; <>.
;; Usually the client creates it, writes it to a "connection file", which it
;; passes to the kernel.
(define-json-mapping <connection> %connection connection?
(define-json-mapping <connection> connection make-connection connection?
json->connection <=> connection->json
(transport connection-transport) ;string
(ip connection-ip) ;string
(signature-scheme connection-signature-scheme) ;string
(signature-scheme connection-signature-scheme
(default "hmac-sha256")) ;string
(key connection-key) ;string
(control-port connection-control-port ;integer
(json "control_port"))
(shell-port connection-shell-port ;integer
(json "shell_port"))
(stdin-port connection-stdin-port ;integer
(json "stdin_port"))
(heartbeat-port connection-heartbeat-port ;integer
(json "hb_port"))
(iopub-port connection-iopub-port ;integer
(define* (connection transport ip
(signature-scheme "hmac-sha256")
key control-port shell-port stdin-port heartbeat-port
(%connection transport ip signature-scheme key
control-port shell-port stdin-port heartbeat-port
(json "iopub_port")))
(define (generate-key)
"Return a string usable as a shared secret key between a kernel server and
......@@ -284,13 +278,14 @@ be in use (but this is racy)."
(port-iosub (try-connect socket-iosub
(and first-port (+ 1 port-heartbeat))))
(connection (connection "tcp" ""
#:key key
#:control-port port-control
#:shell-port port-shell
#:heartbeat-port port-heartbeat
#:stdin-port port-stdin
#:iopub-port port-iosub))
(connection (connection
(transport transport) (ip ip)
(key key)
(control-port port-control)
(shell-port port-shell)
(heartbeat-port port-heartbeat)
(stdin-port port-stdin)
(iopub-port port-iosub)))
(kernel (kernel #f #f ;no name and PID yet
#:key key
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