Commit a978dcfe authored by Ludovic Courtès's avatar Ludovic Courtès

environment: Add Guile-Git to the environment.

* environment.scm: In 'sed-kernel-json' phase, add guile-git and
guile-bytestructures to the load path.
Update 'description'.
parent a5668929
......@@ -48,9 +48,11 @@
(guix (assoc-ref inputs "guix"))
(guile (assoc-ref inputs "guile"))
(json (assoc-ref inputs "guile-json"))
(git (assoc-ref inputs "guile-git"))
(bs (assoc-ref inputs "guile-bytestructures"))
(s-zmq (assoc-ref inputs "guile-simple-zmq"))
(gcrypt (assoc-ref inputs "guile-gcrypt"))
(deps (list out s-zmq guix json gcrypt))
(deps (list out s-zmq guix json git bs gcrypt))
(open-pipe* OPEN_READ
......@@ -95,5 +97,10 @@
(home-page "")
(synopsis "Guix kernel for Jupyter")
(description "This package provide guix kernel for Jupyter.")
"Guix-Jupyter is a Jupyter kernel. It allows you to annotate notebooks
with information about their software dependencies, such that code is executed
in the right software environment. Guix-Jupyter spawns the actual kernels
such as @code{python-ipykernel} on behalf of the notebook user and runs them
in an isolated environment, in separate namespaces.")
(license license:gpl3+))
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