Commit 536d9f98 authored by Ludovic Courtès's avatar Ludovic Courtès
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json: Remove workaround for Guile-JSON 3.1.0.

* jupyter/json.scm <top level>: Remove workaround for Guile-JSON 3.1.0.
parent 887d6fe4
......@@ -112,13 +112,3 @@ This is layered on top of 'define-record-type*'. Here's an example:
(define-json-reader json->record ctor-proc
(field spec ...) ...)))))
(set! (@@ (json builder) json-build)
;; Work around a bug in Guile-JSON 3.1.0:
;; <>.
(let ((real-json-build (@@ (json builder) json-build)))
(lambda (scm port . rest)
(if (eq? scm '()) ;match '() but not #nil
(display "{}" port)
(apply real-json-build scm port rest)))))
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