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    Switch to Guile-JSON 3.x. · 0bd4ecd7
    Ludovic Courtès authored
    Guile-JSON 3.x is incompatible with Guile-JSON 1.x, which we relied on
    until now: it maps JSON dictionaries to alists (instead of hash tables),
    and JSON arrays to vectors (instead of lists).  This commit is about
    adjusting all the existing code to this new mapping.
    * jupyter/kernels.scm (kernel-arguments): Use 'assoc-ref' instead of
    'hash-ref'; pass JSON array through 'vector->list'.
    (relay-message, reply-html): Likewise.
    * jupyter/messages.scm (string->header): Likewise.
    * guix-jupyter-container.scm (local-eval, reply-execute-request): Likewise.
    * guix-jupyter-kernel.scm (reply-execute-request): Likewise.
    * guix-kernel/jupyter-client.scm (json->kernel): Likewise.
    * tests/kernels.scm: Likewise.
    * environment.scm (propagated-inputs): Replace GUILE-JSON with