Commit 883cc238 authored by PRUVOST Florent's avatar PRUVOST Florent
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hiepacs: add chameleon+fxt+mkl+mt variant

parent 4622b65b
......@@ -52,6 +52,17 @@
(inputs `(("lapack" ,mkl)
,@(delete `("lapack" ,openblas) (package-inputs chameleon))))))
(define-public chameleon+fxt+mkl+mt
(inherit chameleon+fxt)
(name "chameleon-fxt-mkl-mt")
(substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments chameleon+fxt)
((#:configure-flags flags '())
`(cons "-DBLA_VENDOR=Intel10_64lp" ,flags))))
(inputs `(("lapack" ,mkl)
,@(delete `("lapack" ,openblas) (package-inputs chameleon+fxt))))))
(define-public fmr
(name "fmr")
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