Commit 4b9f8793 authored by AGULLO Emmanuel's avatar AGULLO Emmanuel
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starpu as propagated input to qr_mumps

- same as chameleon
- plus otherwise the package transformation --with-input=openmpi=nmad was not effective
parent 8fc9a4ad
......@@ -73,14 +73,10 @@
("perl" ,perl)
;; ("scotch" ,pt-scotch)
("scotch" ,scotch)
("hwloc" ,hwloc "lib")
("openmpi" ,openmpi)
("ssh" ,openssh)
("metis" ,metis)
("starpu" ,starpu)))
(propagated-inputs `(("hwloc" ,hwloc "lib")
;; ("scotch" ,scotch)
(propagated-inputs `(("starpu" ,starpu)))
(synopsis "Sparse QR direct solver (experimental package for distributed memroy version)")
"qr_mumps is a software package for the solution of sparse, linear systems
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