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update UD feature list

parent 1fb9c6bf
......@@ -206,21 +206,25 @@ module Conllx_config = struct
(* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
let ud_features = [
(* UD features collected from data folder on 2020/10/27 *)
"Abbr"; "AdjType"; "AdpType"; "AdvType"; "Agent"; "Agglutination"; "Analyt"; "Animacy"; "Animacy[gram]";
"Animacy[obj]"; "Aspect"; "Case"; "Clitic"; "Clusivity"; "Clusivity[obj]"; "Clusivity[psor]"; "Clusivity[subj]";
"Compound"; "ConjType"; "Connegative"; "Contrast"; "Copula"; "Definite"; "Definite[obj]"; "Degree"; "Deixis";
"DeixisRef"; "Deriv"; "Derivation"; "Dialect"; "Distance"; "Echo"; "Emphatic"; "Evident"; "Focus"; "FocusType";
"Foreign"; "Form"; "Gender"; "Gender[abs]"; "Gender[acc]"; "Gender[ben]"; "Gender[dat]"; "Gender[erg]"; "Gender[obj]";
"Gender[psor]"; "HebBinyan"; "HebExistential"; "HebSource"; "Hyph"; "InfForm"; "Link"; "Mood"; "Morph"; "Mutation";
"NameType"; "NegationType"; "NounClass"; "NounClass[obj]"; "NounClass[subj]"; "NounForm"; "NounType"; "NumForm";
"Gender[psor]"; "Gender[subj]"; "HebBinyan"; "HebExistential"; "HebSource"; "Hyph"; "InfForm"; "Link"; "Mood"; "Morph"; "Mutation";
"NameType"; "NegationType"; "Nomzr"; "Noun"; "NounClass"; "NounClass[obj]"; "NounClass[subj]"; "NounForm"; "NounType"; "NumForm";
"NumType"; "NumValue"; "Number"; "Number[abs]"; "Number[acc]"; "Number[dat]"; "Number[erg]"; "Number[obj]";
"Number[psed]"; "Number[psor]"; "Number[subj]"; "Orth"; "PartForm"; "PartType"; "Person"; "Person[abs]"; "Person[acc]";
"Number[psed]"; "Number[psor]"; "Number[subj]"; "Orth"; "PartForm"; "PartType"; "Person"; "Person12Pl"; "Person12Sg"; "Person[abs]"; "Person[acc]";
"Person[dat]"; "Person[erg]"; "Person[obj]"; "Person[psor]"; "Person[sdat]"; "Person[subj]"; "Polarity"; "Polite";
"Polite[abs]"; "Polite[dat]"; "Polite[erg]"; "Position"; "Poss"; "PossNumber"; "PossPerson"; "Prefix"; "PrepCase";
"PrepForm"; "Preverb"; "PronType"; "Pun"; "PunctSide"; "PunctType"; "RefRole"; "Reflex"; "Register";
"Polite[abs]"; "Polite[dat]"; "Polite[erg]"; "Position"; "Poss"; "PossNumber"; "PossPerson"; "Possessed"; "Prefix"; "PrepCase";
"PrepForm"; "Preverb"; "PronClass"; "PronGend"; "PronNum"; "PronPers"; "PronType"; "Proper"; "Pun"; "PunctSide"; "PunctType"; "Red"; "RefRole"; "Reflex"; "Register";
(* "Rel"; declared for Tupinamba but unused *)
"Relative"; "Strength"; "Style"; "SubGender"; "Subcat"; "Tense"; "Topic"; "Typo"; "Uninflect"; "Valency"; "Variant";
"VerbClass"; "VerbForm"; "VerbType"; "Voice"; "Xtra";
(* SUD features *)
......@@ -283,6 +287,10 @@ module Conllx_config = struct
| s -> Error.error "Unknown config `%s` (available values are: `basic`, `ud`, `sud`, `sequoia`, `orfeo`)" s
let get_name t =
let remove_from_feats feature_name config =
{ config with feats = CCList.remove ~eq:(=) ~key:feature_name config.feats }
......@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ module Conllx_config: sig
val build: string -> t
val get_name: t -> string
val remove_from_feats: string -> t -> t
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