Commit ed5fe4c3 authored by Lucas Nussbaum's avatar Lucas Nussbaum
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Add list of network equipments

parent 9e597963
......@@ -24,10 +24,16 @@ class SiteNetworkGenerator < WikiGenerator
def generate_equipments
h = G5K::get_global_hash['sites'][@site]
return h['networks'] { |e| "* #{e[0]}: #{e[1]['model']}" }.sort.join("\n")
def generate_content
@generated_content = "__NOTOC__\n__NOEDITSECTION__\n"
@generated_content += "FIXME\n"
@generated_content += MW.italic(MW.small(generated_date_string))
@generated_content += "= Network devices models =\n"
@generated_content += generate_equipments + "\n"
@generated_content += "More details (including address ranges are available from the [[Grid5000:Network]] page.\n"
@generated_content += MW::LINE_FEED
# this will generate dot and png network maps in the current directory
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