Commit d6c01388 authored by MICHON Nicolas's avatar MICHON Nicolas
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[dev] cluster-homogeneity: fixed error if first node of a cluster is retired

parent 2719e5d7
......@@ -153,12 +153,19 @@ def cluster_homogeneity(refapi_hash, options = {:verbose => false})
count[site_uid][cluster_uid] = 0
refnode_uid = cluster['nodes'].keys.sort.first
refnode = cluster['nodes'][refnode_uid]
refnode_uid = nil
refnode = nil
cluster["nodes"].each_sort_by_node_uid do |node_uid, node|
next if node['status'] == 'retired'
if !refnode
refnode = node
refnode_uid = node_uid
diffs = HashDiff.diff(refnode, node)
# Hack HashDiff output for arrays:
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