Commit c4b5b5cf authored by Emile Morel's avatar Emile Morel
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[nancy] add graphene-pdu9

parent 34957aa5
"model": "",
"sensors": [
"power": {
"per_outlets": true,
"snmp": {
"available": true,
"outlet_prefix_oid": "iso.",
"total_oids": [
"unit": "W"
"type": "pdu",
"uid": "graphene-pdu9",
"vendor": "Eaton Corporation"
\ No newline at end of file
site :nancy do |site_uid|
2.times do |i|
3.times do |i|
pdu "graphene-pdu#{i+7}" do |pdu_uid|
vendor "Eaton Corporation"
model ""
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