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Commit af715bc0 authored by LOUP David's avatar LOUP David
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[generator] Add generator for oxidized

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......@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ namespace :gen do
namespace :puppet do
all_puppet_tasks = [:bindg5k, :conmang5k, :dhcpg5k, :kadeployg5k, :lanpowerg5k, :kavlang5k, :kwollectg5k, :network_monitoring, :'refapi-subset']
all_puppet_tasks = [:bindg5k, :conmang5k, :dhcpg5k, :kadeployg5k, :lanpowerg5k, :kavlang5k, :kwollectg5k, :network_monitoring, :'refapi-subset', :'oxidizedg5k']
all_puppet_tasks.each { |t|
generated_desc = (t == :'refapi-subset') ? 'description' : 'configuration'
require 'refrepo'
def generate_puppet_oxidizedg5k(options)
if not options[:conf_dir]
options[:conf_dir] = "#{options[:output_dir]}/platforms/production/generators/oxidized"
raise("Error: #{options[:conf_dir]} does not exist. The given configuration path is incorrect") unless Pathname(options[:conf_dir].to_s).exist?
puts "Writing oxidized database to: #{options[:output_dir]}/platforms/production/modules/generated/files/grid5000/oxidized/oxidized.db"
puts "Using configuration directory: #{options[:conf_dir]}"
if options[:sites] != RefRepo::Utils::get_sites
puts "WARNING : Sites options is specified but has no impact on generated files (one file generated for all sites)"
conf = YAML::load("#{options[:conf_dir]}/oxidizedg5k.yaml"))
if not conf
warn "No generator configuration for oxidized found in #{options[:conf_dir]}/oxidizedg5k.yaml, skipping oxidized"
output ='templates/oxidized.db.erb', File.dirname(__FILE__))), nil, '-').result(binding)
output_file = Pathname("#{options[:output_dir]}//platforms/production/modules/generated/files/grid5000/oxidized/oxidized.db")
File.write(output_file, output)
# device : group : driver : username : password : enable
# group = site-kind, ex: grenoble-admin
# driver : see
# enable :
### false = already in exec mode
### true = need the "enable" cmd without password
### p4ssword : the enable password
conf.each do |site, groups|
groups.each do |g,devices|
devices.each do |d,v|
missing_info = ["driver","user","password"] - v.keys
if missing_info.length != 0
puts "Skipping #{d}.#{site}, missing #{missing_info.to_s}"
enable = v.has_key?('enable') ? v['enable'] : false
<%=[d+'.'+site,site+"-"+g,v['driver'],v['user'],v['password'],enable].join(':') %>
<%- end -%>
<%- end -%>
<%- end -%>
<%- end -%>
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