Commit 7dd60f0d authored by PARISOT Clement's avatar PARISOT Clement
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[dev] reference-api.rb - Fix pdu generator

parent b0747655
......@@ -124,12 +124,11 @@ global_hash["sites"].each do |site_uid, site|
pdu_path = site_path.join("pdus")
site["pdu"].each do |pdu_uid, pdu|
site["pdus"].each do |pdu_uid, pdu|
pdu["type"] = "pdu"
pdu["uid"] = pdu_uid
write_json(pdu_path.join("#{pdu_uid}.json"), pdu)
end if site.key?("pdu")
end if site.key?("pdus")
# Write network info
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