Commit 72c9b4c2 authored by Lucas Nussbaum's avatar Lucas Nussbaum
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[check-network-description] add check for backplane_bps (bug 8294)

parent e9d534da
......@@ -63,6 +63,24 @@ def check_network_description(options)
links = []
# scan neteq for backplane_bps (bug 8294)
puts "Scanning network equipments for backplane_bps..."
neteqs.each do |eq|
next if HPC_SWITCHES.include?(eq['uid'])
puts "looking at #{eq['uid']} ..."
if not eq['backplane_bps']
puts "WARNING: #{eq['uid']} has no backplane_bps"
if eq['linecards'].length > 1 # only look at LC-specific backplane if switch has more than one linecard
eq['linecards'].each do |lc|
next if lc.keys.empty?
if not lc['backplane_bps']
puts "WARNING: #{eq['uid']} has a linecard without backplane_bps"
# scan equipments ports, search for each node
neteqs.each do |eq|
puts "looking at #{eq['uid']} ..."
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