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Commit 548d1b13 authored by Pascal Morillon's avatar Pascal Morillon Committed by g5kadmin user
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[sophia] Add emails for contacts and set compilation_server attribute to true

parent 02cfc966
"compilation_server": true,
"description": "",
"email_contact": null,
"email_contact": "",
"latitude": 43.6161,
"location": "Sophia-Antipolis, France",
"longitude": 7.0678,
"name": "Sophia-Antipolis",
"security_contact": null,
"sys_admin_contact": null,
"security_contact": "",
"sys_admin_contact": "",
"type": "site",
"uid": "sophia",
"user_support_contact": null,
"user_support_contact": "",
"web": null
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -5,13 +5,14 @@ site :sophia do |site_uid|
description ""
latitude 43.6161
longitude 7.0678
email_contact ""
sys_admin_contact ""
security_contact ""
user_support_contact ""
( %w{sid-x64-base-1.0 sid-x64-base-1.1 sid-x64-nfs-1.0 sid-x64-nfs-1.1 sid-x64-big-1.1} +
%w{etch-x64-base-1.0 etch-x64-base-1.1 etch-x64-nfs-1.0 etch-x64-nfs-1.1 etch-x64-big-1.0 etch-x64-big-1.1} +
%w{lenny-x64-base-0.9 lenny-x64-nfs-0.9 lenny-x64-big-0.9} ).each{|env_uid| environment env_uid, :refer_to => "grid5000/environments/#{env_uid}"}
compilation_server true
cluster :azur do |cluster_uid|
model "IBM eServer 325"
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