Commit 53b7ebb6 authored by Cyril Rohr's avatar Cyril Rohr Committed by Gaetan SIMO
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[admin] Fixed YAML file name for network equipments.

parent e5aecf0d
......@@ -12,11 +12,15 @@ We need:
# You can overwrite later on, to add networks, etc.
%w{lille nancy lyon}.each do |site_uid|
site site_uid.to_sym do
<<<<<<< HEAD
<<<<<<< HEAD
lookup("#{site_uid}-network-equipments").each do |equipment_uid, properties|
lookup("#{site_uid}-network-equipments-transformed").each do |equipment_uid, properties|
>>>>>>> [admin] Preliminary files for network equipments description.
lookup("#{site_uid}-network-equipments").each do |equipment_uid, properties|
>>>>>>> [admin] Fixed YAML file name for network equipments.
network_equipment equipment_uid do |equiment_uid|
model properties['model']
mac properties['mac']
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