Commit 4d217d08 authored by Philippe Robert's avatar Philippe Robert Committed by g5kadmin user
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[nancy] update griffon-59 and grelon-92 caracteristics

parent 0721f4b1
--- --
grelon-92: grelon-92:
serial: GB8649YHM7 serial: GB8649YHM7
mac_eth0: 00:18:FE:FA:23:3C mac_eth0: 00:18:FE:FA:23:3C
...@@ -1904,8 +1904,8 @@ griffon-59: ...@@ -1904,8 +1904,8 @@ griffon-59:
mac_eth0: 00:E0:81:B2:C1:F8 mac_eth0: 00:E0:81:B2:C1:F8
mac_ib: C90300031730 mac_ib: C90300031730
mac_eth1: 00:E0:81:B2:C1:F9 mac_eth1: 00:E0:81:B2:C1:F9
pdu: pdu6 pdu: pdu1
switch_eth0: sgriffon3 switch_eth0: sgriffon1
switch_pos_eth0: "2" switch_pos_eth0: "2"
switch_ib_card: "0x000b8cffff00304d" switch_ib_card: "0x000b8cffff00304d"
switch_ib_card_pos: "5" switch_ib_card_pos: "5"
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