Commit 3929c3e1 authored by Gaetan SIMO's avatar Gaetan SIMO
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[toulouse] network api - renaming properly network equipments

parent 2d81ab3c
......@@ -179,14 +179,14 @@
"rate": 1000000000
"model": "cisco",
"model": "Cisco WS-C6506-E",
"routes": {
"site": "toulouse",
"snmp_community": "public",
"type": "network_equipment",
"uid": "c6500-tlse",
"uid": "c6500-grid5000",
"vlans": {
"naming_pattern": "Vlan%VLANID%"
model: cisco
model: Cisco WS-C6506-E
kind: switch
site: toulouse
snmp_community: public
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