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Commit 340cbfad authored by Jérémie Gaidamour's avatar Jérémie Gaidamour

[dev] removed unused file

parent 26f01f25
# Parse net-links given through @config parameter
# @config parameter contains nothin but net-links yaml configurations
@config.each do |equipment_uid, properties|
properties = properties[equipment_uid]
site_name = properties["site"]
site site_name.to_sym do |site|
network_equipment equipment_uid do |uid|
# Most properties are directly written as they are from the net-links YAML file to the the JSON file
model properties["model"]
kind properties["kind"]
@context.recursive_merge!(:site => site)
snmp_community properties["snmp_community"]
weathermap properties["weathermap"] || {}
vlans properties["vlans"]
routes properties["routes"]
channels properties["channels"]
backplane_bps properties["backplane_bps"]
mtu properties["mtu"]
# Change the format of linecard from Hash to Array
linecards_array = []
properties["linecards"].each do |linecard_index,linecard|
ports = []
linecard.delete("ports").each do |port_index,port|
port = {"uid"=>port} if port.is_a? String
ports[port_index] = port
linecard["ports"] ={|p| p || {}}
linecards_array[linecard_index] = linecard
linecards{|l| l || {}}
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