Commit 2fbc5048 authored by SAINT-MARCEL Frederic's avatar SAINT-MARCEL Frederic

[Rake] get:version standardize the command-line

parent 6fbcd38b
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......@@ -187,10 +187,10 @@ namespace :gen do
namespace :version do
desc 'Get model list, need model='
desc 'Get bios, bmc and firmwares version -- parameters: MODEL={630,6420,...}'
task :get do
model = ENV['model']
raise 'need model=' if model.nil?
model = ENV['MODEL']
raise 'need MODEL=' if model.nil?
model_filter = nodes_by_model(model)
model_filter.sort_by{|node| node['uid'].to_s.split(/(\d+)/).map { |e| [e.to_i, e]}}.each do |node|
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