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Commit 1da14960 authored by Lucas Nussbaum's avatar Lucas Nussbaum

Sort with all identifiers, not just the first one. Fixes Bug 9214

parent a7009ae1
......@@ -169,8 +169,10 @@ class G5KHardwareGenerator < WikiGenerator
index = 0
k0 = 0
# Sort the table by first column (= first elt of k)
|k, v| k[0].kind_of?(Hash) ? k[0][:sort] : k[0]
# Sort the table by the identifiers (e.g. Microarchitecture, or Microarchitecture + CPU name).
# This colum is either just a text field, or a more complex hash with a :sort key that should be
# used for sorting.
|k, v| { |c| c.kind_of?(Hash) ? c[:sort] : c }
}.to_h.each { |k, v|
k0 = k if index == 0
index += 1
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