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Commit 1000a07d authored by Elodie Bertoncello's avatar Elodie Bertoncello

[Grenoble] change network_address for eth0 as it create a wrong host property

parent 16beffc2
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ site :grenoble do |site_uid|
:management => false,
:vendor => 'Intel',
:version => "Device 10c9 (rev 01)",
:network_address => "#{node_uid}-eth0.#{site_uid}",
:network_address => "#{node_uid}.#{site_uid}",
:ip => lookup('adonis', node_uid, 'network_interfaces', 'eth0', 'ip'),
:mac => lookup('adonis', node_uid, 'network_interfaces', 'eth0', 'mac'),
:driver => "igb",
......@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@ site :grenoble do |site_uid|
:mountable => true,
:bridged => true,
:management => false,
:network_address => "#{node_uid}-eth0.#{site_uid}",
:network_address => "#{node_uid}.#{site_uid}",
:ip => lookup('edel', node_uid, 'network_interfaces', 'eth0', 'ip'),
:mac => lookup('edel', node_uid, 'network_interfaces', 'eth0', 'mac'),
:vendor => "Intel",
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