Commit 0eced525 authored by RINGOT Patrice's avatar RINGOT Patrice

Add new interface names to g5k-checks-import/reference-api Graffiti and...

Add new interface names to g5k-checks-import/reference-api Graffiti and Chifflot nodes (Buster/Udev)
parent 5e2734f3
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ def g5kchecks_importer(sourcedir)
hash["network_adapters"] = hash["network_adapters"].sort_by_array(["eth0", "eth1", "eth2", "eth3", "eth4", "eth5", "eth6", "ib0", "ib1", "ib2", "ib3", "bmc", "eno1", "eno2", "ib0.8100"])
hash["network_adapters"] = hash["network_adapters"].sort_by_array(["eth0", "eth1", "eth2", "eth3", "eth4", "eth5", "eth6", "ib0", "ib1", "ib2", "ib3", "bmc", "eno1", "eno2", "eno1np0", "eno2np1", "ens4f0", "ens4f1", "ens5f0", "ens5f1", "ib0.8100"])
hash = {node_uid => hash}
......@@ -245,7 +245,7 @@ def generate_reference_api
node["storage_devices"] = Hash(node["storage_devices"]).sort_by_array(["sda", "sdb", "sdc", "sdd", "sde", "sdf", "nvme0n1", "nvme1n1"]).values
node["network_adapters"].each { |key, hash| node["network_adapters"][key]["device"] = key; } # Add "device: ethX" within the hash
node["network_adapters"] = node["network_adapters"].sort_by_array(["eth0", "eth1", "eth2", "eth3", "eth4", "eth5", "eth6", "ib0.8100", "ib0", "ib1", "ib2", "ib3", "bmc", "eno1", "eno2"]).values
node["network_adapters"] = node["network_adapters"].sort_by_array(["eth0", "eth1", "eth2", "eth3", "eth4", "eth5", "eth6", "ib0.8100", "ib0", "ib1", "ib2", "ib3", "bmc", "eno1", "eno2", "eno1np0", "eno2np1", "ens4f0", "ens4f1", "ens5f0", "ens5f1"]).values
# For each network adapters, populate "network_address", "switch" and "switch_port" from the network equipment description
node["network_adapters"].each { |network_adapter|
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