Commit 0b6d8cdd authored by DELABROYE Dimitri's avatar DELABROYE Dimitri

[lib] update hashvalidator

parent 5d61c747
......@@ -349,10 +349,10 @@ def diff_properties(type, properties_oar, properties_ref)
elsif type == 'default' && properties_ref.size == 1
# For dead nodes, when information is missing from the reference-repo, only enforce the 'state' property and ignore other differences.
return HashDiff.diff({'state' => properties_oar['state']}, {'state' => properties_ref['state']})
return Hashdiff.diff({'state' => properties_oar['state']}, {'state' => properties_ref['state']})
return HashDiff.diff(properties_oar, properties_ref)
return Hashdiff.diff(properties_oar, properties_ref)
# These keys will not be created neither compared with the -d option
......@@ -193,7 +193,7 @@ def cluster_homogeneity(refapi_hash, options = {:verbose => false})
diffs = HashDiff.diff(refnode, node)
diffs = Hashdiff.diff(refnode, node)
# Hack HashDiff output for arrays:
#[["-", "pdu[1]", {"uid"=>"graphene-pdu9", "port"=>24}],
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